ALGALO is revolutionary Flat Panel Bioreactors, patent owned, micro algae growing facility.

The Bioreactors of ALGALO provides the answers to all bottle neck setbacks in the existing conventional growth methods known in the industry:

  • LoProcessw setup costs – Use of new material, originally used in the food industry, will reduce setup costs to minimum
  • Modular and scalable setup –The main engineering concept of ALGALO’s commercial design is “Clusters”. This enable quick and safe up scaling, and ease of adjustment of each facility to the unique requirements.
  • Low maintenance costs – Can be fully automated. The apparatus is easily maintained, special automatic cleaning device will save labor costs
  • Bigger range of microalgae – One of the benefits of our PBR design is the ability to grow almost all species of microalgae in high productivity.
  • Land utilization – High production per acre

ALGALO Facilities are modularly built. The plant constructed of several cells allowing a controlled growth of algae while maintaining high levels of sanitary combined with low maintenance costs.

Increasing the algae growth rate requires feeding it with carbon dioxide (CO2) ALGALO unique process of preventing the water from stratifying makes sure no water stagnation occurs. This process also increases the algae’s exposure to light.

ALGALO’s technology advantages relative to the existing technologies in the market:

Tubular systems
Open Ponds
Vertical sleeve’s System
Flat panel systems
Land Utilization
Variety of algae species
Contamination potential
Setting-up expenses
Operating expenses
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