Algalo industries ltd. started to operate in 2011 as partnership start-up for microalgae growing technologies in Kibbutz Ein HaMifratz. Algalo develops in newly innovative designed, low-cost photo-bioreactors (PBR). AlgaloVision Our technology saves land, setup costs and maintenance cost.

  • Low setup costs
  • Modular and easily scalable setup
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Big range of microalgae
  • High production per acre


user Entrepreneur and director of global companies engaged in the field of environment, recycling, renewable energy and Cleantech.


user B.Sc. in Marine Science, a biologist with an extensive experience in mariculture and fish nutrition. Through the years developed and operated lab and industrial systems for growing microalgae and protozoa for leading companies.

user Dr. Ayalon holds a PhD in Cell Biology / Biochemistry from the “Weizmann Institute of Science” (Rehovot, Israel) and an MBA degree. He has trained as a post-doctoral fellow at the “Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine” at “Yale University” (New Haven, CT, USA), Until June, 2014 and for six years, Dr. Ayalon was the VP of R&D of a leading producer of natural astaxanthin. He made prominent contributions to the development of that company from a small “startup”, on a verge of closing down, to a profitable, and globally leading cultivation plant for microalgae. Before that, Dr. Ayalon held several senior R&D and Business Development positions, including CEO, in several Biotech companies, developing innovative products for drug–delivery, –targeting and cell-therapy.

user MBA specializing in Marketing management and organizational consulting. Extensive experience in business development and strategic customer management, and executive management for global companies.

An established kibbutz with a wide variety of businesses in diverse areas agriculture, industry, environment and housebusiness development of knowledge-intensive-ventures.





Algalo Industries ltd.

Kibbutz Ein HaMifratz, 25210 ISRAEL
Fax No.: +972-4-8261-189